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As requested I've created another discussion area for those of you that are the proud owners of this wonderful motorcycle. As with the other discussion areas, the rules are simple:
- No flaming or personal attacks
- No vulgarities, bad language or pornographic materials.
- No copyrighted or confidential material without the express permissions of their owners
- No advertising of products and services without permission

This site is not affiliated in anyway with Andrew Wright or Benelli or any other company. We built this website as a way for all to share the opinions and problems. We are totally and completely independently run and funded. At this moment that also means that we don't make any money from it.

We have tried to keep this forum unmoderated with minimum involvement as in our experience with other forums, the free exchange of ideas is the best way to nurture a new community.

However, of late several parties have chosen to turn this into a personal battlefield. That is not to our interest as we did not build this forum so a that any individual can destroy it by using it for their own personal attacks. We are fully aware of the problems that the brand has had and with some disgruntled owners. I am not naming names but I ask those individuals to respect the other members who may not have had the same experiences as you may have had. Constructive and informative posts are welcome, flames and direct attacks will not be tolerated.

Regarding Posting Images:
Option 1:
You will have to have the pictures hosted somewhere before you can post them in this forum. Make sure you click the ezcodes button in the posting form. See this link on how to include a link to your image in the message- ezCode Instructions
Option 2:
You email them to me and I'll upload them to our server and post them up for you. Send your images to: [email protected]

This forum is not responsible for the images that you post here. We assume that you have the rights to use them.

We would like to suggest that you obtain permission before using any images that you do not own outright. At the very least, we ask that you give credit to the source or a backlink to their website where possible. Most publications will not mind as long as some kind of quid pro quo is given.

That's all!! Enjoy your stay! Come back often and post lots of messages!

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