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We have decided to put the discussion area up despite the problems that Benelli is facing as a company. As enthusiasts and ardent supporters of the brand, especially of the Tornado Tre we feel that this forum will be an important avenue for sharing and discussing our passions and frustrations.

We have hopes that a public forum will serve to create a sense of community that will serve to keep this awesome brand and it's products from fading into oblivion.

The days ahead are going to be hard on Benelli and all of us, but we wanted to to assure all that we will still be here and will continue supporting all Benelli motorcycle and scooters enthusiasts as long as we can.

So please feel free to post your questions and opinions.


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e-mail form Benelli

I received this today from Benelli. Something is up.

Dear Customer,

with reference to your inquiry, we thank you for your interest in ADIVA product. This vehicle is still in production in 125 and 150 cc.

We have investigated for long time the Benelli situation in the USA and weinform you as follows:
At present we are still working on the homologation procedures to introduce the model Tornado into the US.
We had started a co-operation with a company which has ended recently and we are now appointing a new importer for the US.
Regarding the deposit we suggest you to contact your dealer and ask your money back.
Please be assured that Benelli Motorcycles realizes the importance of a timely introduction of the Benelli Motorcycle brand to the North American market, while at the same time building the best possible foundation for the brand's ongoing growth and development in your country.

While this change will inevitably result in a delay in the arrival of our bikes in the market, we feel that it is necessary to reach the best results for our dealers and their clients in the long term.

We kindly ask you to follow further developments of the biek and distribution in the US in the Internet and checking our web page.

Best regards,

Export Dpt.
Benelli SpA

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I wonder what Benelli is up to now. A new importer or grey market Benellis in the US?

Sounds like this issue with the original importer is not getting resolved. Anyone heard anything else? I heard that Ferracci was approached about taking over the distributorship for the US sometime back.
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