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Right. Now seeing as I work in an industry that is full of complaints for complaints sake and having fixed a good number of complaint generating issue in it, I was just thinking that with 3X dropping Benelli being the official importer this gives an opportunity. (Sorry I have been at the marketing books a bit of late)

Most people here are customers or potential customers. Therefore in my world our voice should be listened too by Benelli and whoever takes up the mantel of being the official importer. And if they don't they are seriously short sighted.

What in your idea world are the 3 things that you want from your dealer?

If you want to go to more than 3, that's fine but please list them in order of importance.

If I found this website, I am sure that people in the process of thinking of taking on importing/supporting Benelli will be able to find here too.

So list away.

(Hell if I had enough backing myself I'd consider throwing my hat in the ring for the importer duties, anyone wishing to lend me the cash or bank roll a deal get in touch.)

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Hi Garf,

I like your sentiment.

Most of the bike issues are at Benellis feet...what can an importer do to make an unreliable bike more reliable?
The manufacturer is responsible for the reliabilty issues and the importer for teritory sales and customer satisfaction.
I believe both are poo but a new importer will not cure the mechanical problems.

The only way forward for Benelli is to be bought by another assembler (BMW?) - the damage has been done. The sales figures speak for themselves.

Keep the ideas coming though.

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Interesting point

Now I have been digging myself a little, here and elsewhere.

Yes people have bad experiences. Most are caused by failures in the product, but these are acesabated by the infrastructure which includes the importer.

For example... while your bike is being repaired are you offered a complementary bike? Are you kept informed about what is wrong and what is being done? These things can make a difference to how you feel like as a customer

I am not saying it will make the garden all roses but it can not hurt to highlight problems which should be addressed by the people that pick up where 3X leaves off.

Just on the BMW note... What about there new "Sports bike" that has yet to see the light of day (granted it was before they delivered them to customers) due to production problems and this from a company that has built it reputation on reliability.

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Planet Bikes, who I bought my Benelli from couldn't really have done much more for me.
In the end I was starting to feel sorry for them - they had a terrible job trying to repair a bike that they knew nothing about and that got little support from the manufacturer.
Benelli kept telling me, and them, that I was imagining the faults :rollin

Try and think of it the other way about - Imagine what you could do if you bought Benelli !!

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3 things

Keeping it simple, from a dealer I'd want :

1) Fixed prices (quotable in advance) for services. Car dealers can do it (including the ones who have serviced my leery turboed cars in the past), Motorcycle City used to be able to do it (but they did go bust...;) so why can't Benelli dealers ?

2) Reliable pick up dates and times for the bike after servicing or simple fixes. An eight hour service in my book should be drop off the night before and pick up the following evening, not having to shout down the phone to get it back two days later.

3) Straight answers when asking about problems. For example, not getting fobbed off about instruments resetting or chains hitting swingingarms (especially on the latter when there are bikes outside with either similar scratches or gaff tape over the place where mine is showing marks).

...and free coffee is nice too :D

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Re: 3 things

Try and think of it the other way about - Imagine what you could do if you bought Benelli !!
That's easy. I would spend a little less money on hype and more time listening to owners and actually trying to fix or improve on the problems they are having. ie. make a better bike. It takes time and effort but it'll pay off on the long run. I would put up with a bit of dealer support problems but if the bike was sound mechanically the dealers won't have as many issues to deal with. I know part of owning an exotic bike is having to deal with quirkiness but many more would join the Benelli family if they were't scared off by such problems.

If I bought Benelli I would do it for the long run, looking at an exit strategy of 8-10 years. That should be enough time to build a solid bike with a loyal cult following. Branding, name equity and niche status can translate to profitability if managed right.

Ahh dream on Roland! :eek
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