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Picked up the Tre on Friday afternoon. Despite reading all the horror stories on this noticeboard I still wanted one. It's got the full 2 yeqr warranty, so WTF.
350 miles done so far. Finding it hard to keep the revs down, as the way the engine clears its throat and the speed and NOISE picks up when you hit 4 - 4500 rpm is intoxicating and addictive. I believe its good for the engine to rev it out a bit when running it in.
With less than 2 hours on the bike I'd already had several questions re the fans / what is it? and a little kid in Kirkaldy came up to me and said "I like your bike mister".
Back and wrists are hurting already. And is there a gel seat out there?
Once I get the first service done, I'll be praying for a nice September and the chance to get some serious miles done. I think a trip to Ullapool and beyond is needed. Is +/- 125 miles to a tank about average?

Big Bad Al: Calum at Saltire Suzuki in Edinburgh used to have a Benelli franchise when he ran MotoCal. He still has all the specialist tools and diagnostic gear.

See you out there.

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You'll get used to the seat, trust me. It works really well.

Your wrists will strengthen up.

125 miles around town is near the mark, but if you're real careful on the open road, with a few mates to help with some slip-streaming, you'll get 190 (calculated - I filled it at 150). I've done it several of times. Don't expect that on a mountain pass though!

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Welcome to the forums lumpheed;)

As Errol has already mentioned, the seat on the Tre can be surprisingly comfy once you get used to it. It's still nowhere as near as comfy as the seat on my old gixxer6 though:(
I was out for a good ol' blast with a couple of mates yesterday and my wrists were killing me afterwards, but that's only because we went on the moffat road and we were being bounced about all over the place. (My arse left the seat on more than one occasion and a few times I had both wheels airbourne too:eek )
Get used to the questions about the bike as you'll become a wee bit of a celeb riding this bike:smokin
As for Calum at Saltire .... I wouldn't have that bloke touch my bike (I almost did but I was desperate at the time). I've had a couple of bad experiences with him in the past, nothing too bad but enough to make me not trust him and I've had mates say the same thing.

Where are you from lumpheed? Our little Scottish Benelli clan seems to be growing by the week:rollin

And yes .... I WILL see you out there;)

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Scottish Clan

I would love to see a gaggle (sorry - clan!) of Scots on Benellis - wearing kilts, but stationary posing only - we cannot contravene the guidelines for protective clothing can we?

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Hi Lumpheed, (Laurie takes mental note to find a more original Forum name!!)

It's nice to have another Scottish Benelli owner on board. I've had a TRE since October 2004 but I've yet to see another on the road......with Al just up the road, John in Stirling and now you, it looks like that's all about to change:D

You'll get used to all the questions/attention by the way but watch out for Big Al on the Forum, he'll soon have you peeing yourself with some of the things he comes out with:rollin

What colour did you get and where did you buy it from?


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Re: Scottish Clan

Vincenzo .... you surely are spending too much time at sea if you would want to see that image burned in your head:rollin
Mind you, if I owned a kilt then I would happily pose for that photo:eek :lol


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Re: Scottish Clan

Hey Vincenzo,

If Al did own a kilt, do you think he would be wearing his FAMOUS Leather Pants under it for a bit of extra protection or would he be going 'comando'??;)

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location location location

I'm based in Edinburgh, Dalry area, if you know Embra at all.
I saw Tres advertised between £6250 - 7000 so I went to see Calum at Saltire for a wee chat because I know he used to sell them and I've been getting my bikes looked after him for aout 5 years and have never had any problems. He said he thought they were great bikes and he still had all the kit. Reliability was an issue for me, but with an ex dealer 5 minutes from my front door and a 2 year warranty I didn't take too much convincing.

Anyway, I'm off to scare some tourists and sheep at St. Mary's Loch / Mare's Tail. Off to an oilrig for 2 weeks tomorrow morning and I have my first service booked for the day after I get back.

Think I'll have to work on my flexibility too. I'm no short arse (6'3") but slinging my leg over the rear seat hump is a struggle sometimes. Maybe I just need to cut down on the beers!

Where are you Laurence and Al? East coast somewhere, I'm guessing? Time for a get together before the crap weather kicks in?

Oh, and GREEN and SILVER. Is there any other colour?

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Re: location location location

Where are you Laurence and Al? East coast somewhere, I'm guessing? Time for a get together before the crap weather kicks in?
We're both from Edinburgh buddy. Laurence is from the ever so posh area of Craiglockhart and I'm from the not so posh area of Gilmerton (or Liberton if I want to be really posh:lol )
TREmendous (I think) is also from this side of the city as well and also there is NJAY RS (although I don't know which part of Scotland that he's from although I think it may be Fife) and as Laurence has already mentioned there is John in Stirling. So as you can see buddy there is already a very strong clan forming here. Maybe we should get our own tartan produced if things keep growing at this rate:rollin


Ooh, I nearly forgot to plug Laurence's yummy carbon tank protector. Grab one before they're all gone and keep your tank looking lovely.
Here's the linky :p

I haven't fitted mine yet but I'll have to do it quick as the chains on my leather pants are starting to leave their mark on the paintwork:rollin

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Hi Again

Me and Al are both in Edinburgh too.

I'm just up the road from you at Craiglockhart and Al likes to say he's from Liberton (but that's really Gilmerton to me and you) :rollin

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Kilts and Benellis

Hi Laurence - way to go. Now that image is what I call a REAL Sporran!

When I say 'protective clothing', I really mean 'PROTECTIVE clothing'.

Not Commando's Laurence- probably Marines they are reputedly tougher?

And Al, it's because I have been on leave for 8 weeks and no piloting that I have been fantasising over a gaggle of kilted 'Benellists'.

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Re: Kilts and Benellis

t's because I have been on leave for 8 weeks and no piloting that I have been fantasising over a gaggle of kilted 'Benellists'.
Get yourself back on board and make it quick Vincenzo before you start fantasizing about me giving Laurence a 'backie' on the Tre:rollin

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