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Hi all,

the nights are getting dark up here :(, so I got determined to do something for the headlight. The reflector lens H7 for low beam is allright, but I think (and feel) the original high beam is a bit too weak and narrow, despite the good shape of the beam.

Hence, I decided to give a try to an accessory Xenon headlight kit 35W, 4300K. Installation took three hours altogether, and the wiring of the motorcycle kit was plug-and-play. I had to enlargen the wiring hole of the rubber shield and an additional hole for the extra wires of the Xenon (have a look on the gallery). The (type slim) ballast fits just under the headlight (there is a 'lip') inside the fairing. So far I have managed with the original 10A fuse. I had to also readjust the high beam in lateral direction.

The difference is remarkable:D . The former high beam reach was (my estimate) 100-130m, the present clearly 200m+. The illuminated area is also broader, but not as nicely shaped as before. There are also notable, but non-effective colour diffractions.

The only major complaint is that when the high beam has been off a while it takes 3-5 seconds to reach full power. May not work too well in dense traffic if you can switch to high beam only now and then.:confused:

So, although not completely road legal, a real relief to my 'junior' eyes in the dark and on wet tarmac. No way back here. :clap:
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