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I wonder if the GSXR forums etc ever have these? Can you imagain a GSXR6 spotted in Edinburgh thread or a GSXR1000 spotted in south London thread:rolling: Can you Imagine the replies?

1 4 The Road:
I saw a GSXR6 in Edinburgh today. Anyone on here?

Speed freak: Yeah it was me.
GSXRKing: No, it was me.
BillyWhizz: You're both wrong it was me.
Kneedownlad: If it was a blue and white one it might've been me.
One-of-a-kind: I'm pretty sure it was me or it might've been my mate or maybe even his mate barry, he's just bought one.
Sliderzzz: Blue and white? It was definately me.
Buzz_Light_Year: Are you lads sure cos I think it might've been my missus?
K-9: If it was around tea time then it might have been me.
Gixxerfan: I was on mine around about tea time too.
GickserzRule: What time's tea time?
Kant-Katch-Me: I was out all day on mine so it could've been me.
Evil kneevil: I saw a guy looking at my bike when it was parked outside the newsagents so it might've been mine.
GickserzRule: What newsagents?
Blue & White Gixxer lad: I rode past a newsagents around tea time.
Nutty Lad: I saw a guy coming out of a newsagents and getting on his gixxer when I rode past on mine. Might have been one of us.
GickserzRule: What time's tea time?
GickserzRule: Will someone tell me what newsagents?
Gixxers_Make_Me_Horny: I was passing by on mine when I saw a gixxer pass a newsagents with a gixxer parked up out side around about tea time when a gixxer passed me going the other way looking at the gixxer parked outside the newsagents.
GickserzRule: What time do you call tea time?
Nutty Lad: 5:30
GickserzRule: That was defo me then.
Speed freak: You where outside the newsagents?
GickserzRule: No, I was getting my hair cut in a barbers shop near a newsagents, but my bike was parked just up the street next to another gixxer.
1 4 The Road: It was behind a Benelli Tornado.
Speed freak: Wasn't me then.
GickserzRule: Nope, not me either.
Nutty Lad: Couldn't have been me either.
Blue & White Gixxer lad: Count me out.
Gixxers_Make_Me_Horny: What/\/\ he said.
Evil kneevil: I would've remembered that if it'd been me.
K-9: I thought they stopped making those?
GickserzRule: What the hell is a Benelli Tornado when it's at home?




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Now that did make me chuckle Al :rolling:

Mind you, can you please get a day job or at least stop riding your's so often as all I ever hear from my Daughters Fiancé these days is that he saw you on 'that bike' again :doh:

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So funny. I thought about starting the same thread.

Unfortunately, in germany it is impossible to start this kind of threat. I assume I am the only Tornado rider in germany...:bawl:
At least within the last 6 years, i didn´t see any Tornado rider in germany. Too sad. Lucky that you guys have such a strong community here.

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Nice one Al, gave me a big grin reading through that :clap: :clap: :clap:

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Good one Al:clap:

cant say I seen one on the gixxer forum though lol, those forums have 1000's of posts a day and the gixxer forum is full of wankers not willing to help but quick enough to flame someone for asking an old question etc

yes other forums do have the same threads, vfr's sv1000's fazer's etc

They make it a sticky so it just gets added to each day

They also have sticky threads like "What I did to my bike today". Listing what mods etc you have added or just stroked it:D

They also have sticky threads like " I went to " " today and heres some pics"

As forums grow these things appear more

No good with spanners....
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you missed out the the reply

'if it had the tasteless anodised bolt kit/rainbow coloured exhaust/purple bar end weights it was me'!!!
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He's still about Errol, in fact he phoned me last night. He's thinking of getting the nelli back on the road again so he should be back on the forum sometime soon.

Run for hills guys :rolling:
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