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Hi - first poster here so be gentle please!
I am thinking of buying myself a new bike to replace the ZZR. Have test rode 748, 749 dukes, new R6, and Daytona 955i and the impressive 675.
I am spellbound by the looks of the Tornado - and as they are now so affordable (7k) I was thinking of having a serious look.
I have read some of the other posts on this site and to be honest, they are scaring the "BeJeesus" out of me! Surely you must be able to get neutral from an idle position, and what about these starter motor issues? Have all of these reliability issues been sorted by Benelli or will I expect to take it back to the dealer each week?

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Don't be scared - go ride one.

There's a couple of things you need to know, ..

1. Neutral is no problem if you are moving.

Why do you want to stop?
In the words of Fred Gassit "bikes fall over if they're not going fast".
Ride one, you won't want to stop.

2. Name one Italian mistress that doesn't have issues?

3. If I could have any bike, regardless of price, I'd have the one that's parked in my garage.

Wanna know what that is? Go to

Engenia's Web page

4. I'm biassed.

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Re: You lot are scaring me...Don't be, be different!!

Hi Marcus, I have to agree with Engenia to have is to love. Why go for the run of the mill when you can be different. I've had mine from new since July last year and to be honest the problems that i have had are limited to the "built in" neutral problem and the clocks reseting, these you learn to live with and do not detract from the pleasure of owning one. Servicing is reasonable 1st cost £120.00 and was done local to me in Doncaster.
The best bit about owning one is the WOW factor from other riders. If you don't like attention don't buy one.
PS just to piss you off paid £5,500.00 from 3X, could not resist for 2nd hand 600 price. Think there all gone now though and yes its Green and Silver.:rollin

Go on take a chance you will love it!!!

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Re: You lot are scaring me...Don't be, be different!!

Where is this 3X place - thats crazy money?? --

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Re: You lot are scaring me...Don't be, be different!!

I got mine from 3X last year and have done a fat round 428 miles since June 05.

I trawled around the NEC last year with a friend who'd bought a Fireblade and watched him buy ti. header pipes (Tornado check), carbon heel plates (check), ti loud can (check), braided hoses (check), a power commander (okay I'll give him that one !)..... basically a fortune...and I thought I've got a complete bargain that's got quality parts as standard.

I go out, open the garage, pull the covers off, look at it all over and then put them back. It's like your mate boasting how great his new girlfriend is when you've got Nigella Lawson and Vikki Butler Henderson naked in the garage.

All I need to do is ride it !

PS I hope this helps.

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Re: You lot are scaring me...Don't be, be different!!

Bluesky you forgot to mention slipper clutch as standard and you right its like having Angolina Jolie instead of a page 3 blown up dyed blonde bimbo!!

3x used to the importer but gave up the fanchise that why i got mine soooooooooo cheep. They are still advertising ex demo's at £4,999 & £5'999 in MCN this week.

Lets hope this sun stays out (in uk) and get a bit of knee dragging done this weekend.:smokin

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I got mine a month or so ago after deliberation about all of the issues on the boards.

Everyone on this post is right. Any Italian bike you get will have issues. My Benelli is having a serious one right now that appears to be a little common. Even with that issue, I still love it. It rides like a dream and just envokes confidence. Not to mention the beauty.

Also, I did my first oil change and used Mobile 1 15-50 red label oil. I can now find neutral while stopped. That fixed the same issue with my Aprilia Factory R, so I decided to give it a shot with the Benelli. Evoluzione offers a hydraulic clutch also if it bugs you that bad.

Best of luck.


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Thanks for all your replies - I am sooo hooked on the styling that I am well prepared to forgive the little italian "characters", I drive an italian car so know all about these! I can see that the neutral problem is getting sorted by various people - why couldn't the manufacturer do that in the first place? also resetting the clocks each ride would do my swede in - has this issue been addressed by Benelli?
Anyhow, more importantly, before I trawl my ar5e on a 100 mile round trip for a test ride, could people give me an indication how it rides. Does the tripple give plenty of low and mid torque like the triumph tripples? and what is the ride position like R6 or Daytona 955? if its R6, can you get bar raisers like Triumph do for the daytona? Also clocks, apart from the obviuos, what else does it display (time, gear, petrol etc.)
So many questions I know!!!

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Hey Marcus. Seems like you need a good test ride, loads of questions lol!! It depends on your riding level and style etc to be honest ie what you prefer from a bike. Its quite a top end revving triple I would say more so than triumph etc. Of course nothing like an R6 (Ive had 4 of them)which are peaky. Power wise I would say it wont feel as quick up top as something like an R6 but dont let it fool you they are near on as quick as an early K series Gixxer 750. I think the average RW BHP is about 115 for the std tre and a few more on the RS. There reasonably weighty at 220kg with a full tank etc but to be honest the bikes so well balanced unless your pushing it you'll never notice. Riding style is quite aggresive - more so than something like an R6 but Id say less extreme than an MV or 998 (own opinion). You'll love its overall handling though especially through the lanes/track and the induction sound is like nothing else mid revs. Suspension std is quite firm but has loads of adjustment. I havnt a clue on raisers etc but Im sure somone will do them. You really need to ride one. Its been said on here a thousand times but even though they have a few charms as such and arn't straight line rockets...THEY ARE truely amazing and it has to be said (and I speak for others too im sure) that it literally puts a smile everytime you open the garage and ride her.

Goodluck either ways


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Go on .... give one a go

Well buddy, like a lot of people have said on here the bike does have 'issues':rolleyes Mine is also having a few which I hope I can get sorted, but I'll have to wait and see what happens regarding that later on this week.
It is dissapointing when you have a bike that looks as good as the Tre and you can't ride it as much as you'de like to because of these niggles but I'm pretty confident that they won't be around forever, so because of that I'm prepared to put up with mine just now.
A word of warning though .... be prepared to wear a grin bigger than anything you've ever sported before and get ready to answer the barage of questions that will come your way everytime you stop. People cannot help but admire your bike, and when you're out on the open road and you open her up you will find that other road users will hear you before they see you:eek The sound that comes from this bike is like nothing you'll have heard before. It is simply beautiful:b
I had parked mine outside my local supermarket just last week and was standing at the cashpoint getting some money when two old fellas (in their 80's I reckon) came out of the shop. One turned to the other and I heard him say "Bob, that bike is a bloody lovely piece of kit":) There was just something about the way he said it that made me realise that people of all ages will admire your bike wherever you go, they just can't help it. It makes you feel like a lottery winner when you own one of these:lol

Let us know how you get on.


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I had about 35 minutes of comments, then accidentally hit the back button on my mouse and lost it all.

So, I'll recap:

- It can't be compared to an R6. 900cc vs. 600cc. It will toast an R6.
- It's only for tall riders. My 5'9" friend was on his toes. It's a tall bike. I'm 6' and fine.
- You'll want to drop a tooth on the front to increase response on the low end. High end is good.
- It feels like the perfect middle between a V-twin and inline-4.
- Ride position is not as low as my Aprilia RSV 1000, but closer to the Honda 1000RR.
- The powerband is really flat from 4K-11K. This is a good thing because it's predictable, but powerful.
- I live in AR and the closest dealer is 1,555 miles away. I bought mine without even seeing one in person and I love it.
- It will run with other liter bikes just fine. You won't win a drag race, but shouldn't notice a significant difference unless you're a pro.
- Buy it, love it and for goodness sakes, pray for it to stay healthy nightly.


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Oh yeah forgot to mention as Bullbalz said they are tall. Im 5ft 11 with a 32 inside leg and I wouldnt want it any taller, and thats coming from a moto-x background of tall previous bikes.

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Tall is not a problem. I'm 5'7". Before I even wheeled it out of the showroom (Christmas 2004) I had the workshop drop it 10mm through the triple clamps, and 10mm less preload on the rear. I'm not heels down, but not tip toe either.
Only problem with lowering it is the side stand. You've got to add a couple of angled spacers to the bracket to make it lean over a little more, otherwise it stands near vertical.

Hey, if I was 5' nothing I would find a way. It's SO worth it.

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Hi Marcus,

I bought mine second hand in august 2005. I drove about 600km before it broke down (you can read my story at That 600 km were more impressive then all the thousands and thousands kilometers I did before.

So be warned, if you drove a tornado once, you regred the period you didn't.:lol

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If you are anywhere near London give Jordan at Three Cross a call. He is a rider and racer himself, a young chap at that. He will give you a no nonsense price and won't try to rake you over the coals. Tell him you are a freind of John Harbour's and he will take good care of you. I have bought many bikes from them. You can check them out by going to


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Re Threecross

Johnny, I spoke to 3x the other day and even though they will sell you a bike they do not do any of the warranty would that will need done to the bike when things start to go wrong. (And we all know things will go wrong). They have stopped doing that now for some reason. If you buy from 3x they will refer you to KJM to have the work done there instead. If it was up to me I'd go to KJM and buy one, at least then you will be dealing with the same people right from the start;)

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Cheers for the friendly and encouraging replies :D
I have got a ride sorted for this saturday at KJM near Wigan, so watch this space! I must admit, I am a little anxious because 2 months ago I had my heart set on a Ducatti and then rode a couple and found that I didn't really like them, so there's a little deja vu feeling lurking about. They have a low mileage secondhand machine for me to ride - hoe does it differ, if at all, from a new one?
Would it be better to get a secondhand one with all the teething troubles sorted rather than a new one do you think?
Thanks again :)

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Sorry - forgot to add, KJM are advertising TRE's at £6999 which appears to me to be a good price. Anybody seen anything better - you've gotta try and get the best deal hyaven't you ;)

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2nd hand Tre's

Marcus, I bought my Tre for £5700 and it had only done 600 miles on the clock but don't go thinking that there won't be any teething problems because there will be:rolleyes (Unless you are one of the exremely lucky ones then I would expect you to have problems). Mine has quite a few problems and is getting put on a diagnostics machine tomorrow to see what the hell is going on with it:(
A few things to make you aware of before you get on this bike.
Don't expect to do a U turn in the road as the turning circle is rubbish.
It's heavier than it looks but it's okay once you get it going.
You know about the neutral problem so start giving your left forearm a workout now. (You'll be holding the clutch in for a bit too).
Don't wear ear plugs as the noise from this bike has got to be heard to be believed:eek
Be prepared to fall in love with it from the moment you set off:lol
I'm pretty sure that most of the owners on here are quite willing to sacrifice a few niggles that is on this bike in exchange for the HUGE grin factor it gives you. I'm sure the problems will get sorted out eventually, so if you do decide to buy one then stick with it and you will be rewarded by the bucket load:b

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Re: 2nd hand Tre's

I bought mine new in October, couldn't ride it until mid-November (recovering from an operation), and already have over 3300 miles on it. I love it! Haven't had any real problems, only that stupid electrical glitch that resets the clock/trip every now and then. I can get mine into neutral from a dead stop now that it's good and broken in. Already wore out the tires, not in the middle, but on the sides (lots of riding the twisties), about to get a new set mounted. You just can't go wrong to own one of these beauties, it's absolutely worth it.
US 'Tre #11
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